Steps To Giving Back

Partner with Hospital Foundation's

Charitable Status

Establish Relationships With Local Organizations

  • Currently Partnered with;
    • VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
    • Richmond Hospital Foundation
  • Local Non-profits
    • Collaboration is an essential tool that will ElevATE other local non-profits through profit sharing
    • We will collaborate with organizations that focus on health promotion, food security and support for those in transition


  • Local farms and fishing
    • Sourcing locally produced food thus eliminating waste, harmful emissions and bolstering our local economy


  • Financing
    • Partnering with a socially conscious community credit union to grow the organization ethically and with transparency

Inspiring Others

  • ElevATE will look to increase its footprint by:
    • Developing a pool of volunteers that mentor and guide participants
    • Building relationships with local organizations
    • Engaging and educating patrons of their culinary sites
    • Marketing through traditional and social media platforms


  • By increasing ElevATE's footprint we hope to encourage and inspire others to engage in social enterprise and community building in their own communities

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